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Where does Caregen come from?

Founded in 2001, Caregen is a global leader of research and marketing of Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors based in South Korea. Besides being a company famous for registering new Growth Factors in PCPC (Personal Care Products Council, formerly CTFA), Caregen also owns and have the rights various patents for its Biomimetic Peptide technology.

They value innovations and ideas. With highly skilled in-house scientists and marketing specialists with years of experience in developing and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, the producer offers in 2020 a sophisticated and reserved line of purified Biomimetic Peptides and Progressive Growth Ingredients at affordable prices, which is made possible from the mass production technology, enabling the customers to have the advantages that they always needed.

What manufacturing procedures does Caregen takes into account?

Additionally, Caregen offers customized Biomimetic Peptides and toll manufacturing services that provide customers the solution to their research and manufacturing challenges. Focusing on technology, R&D and strict quality control, Caregen was granted ISO 9001:2000 & 14001 certifications.

The main values for Caregen lie in passion for what they do; honesty and transparency about their products, manufacturing process, etc; sincerity and technology, which enabled Caregen to achieve trust and admiration of many aesthetic practitioners worldwide.

What is the Platform technology from Caregen?

Growth factors

Caregen puts a lot of emphasis on reserved R&D of its specialty - growth factors, which are produced by the transformed bacterial system. Developing high quality growth factors and mass production skill are key know-hows of Caregen technology

Biomimetric peptides

The producer has been developing a plenty of biomimetic peptides and successfully commercialized in cosmeceuticals. Caregen is famous for these quality products that they use in cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industry. The company is pursuing expansion of its application to pharmaceuticals, functional foods and therapeutics

Enhancing skin penetration

Also, Caregen has developed double-layered capsulation technology as a transdermal delivery system. Every active ingredient is encapsulated by double-layered encapsulation technology for better skin penetration.

Stem cell research

Not to mention, the company has focused on the research of skin stem cell proliferation and differentiation for cosmeceutical application.

What products does Caregen offer?

Caregen offers a wide range of aesthetic products for different concerns and ages, such as dynamic dermal fillers, skin boosters anti agers and meso products, lipolytic solutions for face and body, hair fillers and skincare, as well as some materials like cannulas and equipment.

What are the most known products of Caregen?

The most known products of Caregen are the following:




Hair Fillers:

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