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Sculptra is a treatment based on polylactic acid and skin renewal at a cellular level with the progressive formation of new collagen. Check our catalog of Sculptra in this page.

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Would you like to buy a new product that will rejuvenate your skin? This is the right place. Let us introduce you to Sculptra Fillers, a beauty product that has a filler effect where you apply it. It will help you to activate the collagen that is lost gradually.

Excellent, click on our catalog, buy Sculptra fillers online, and we will send you this product. Go!

What are Sculptra Fillers?

Sculptra Fillers is a novel injectable filler product that allows you to improve your physical appearance significantly. Because this product is made with a biodegradable synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid, it is beautiful, as your body will gradually absorb it, helping you to rebuild the lost collagen. If you lost collagen, this is the solution!

How does Sculptra Fillers work?

The effects that you will obtain with Sculptra Fillers are entirely natural. You will see the changes gradually after its application, bringing a much smoother and youthful skin.

Sculptra Fillers act within the dermis to help the production of collagen to reactivate and restructure the skin.

It is important to note that for at least five days before the application of the treatment, you will not be able to take anticoagulant medications, to have used vitamins, fish oil supplements or dietary, in the same way, before the 48 hours you have not consumed any alcoholic beverages.

What to expect after applying Sculptra Fillers?

The results after Sculptra Fillers injections are gradual. You will be able to return to your daily activities without any problem.

If you notice any bruising, swelling or side effects, you can apply cold compresses during the first 24 hours. Avoid excessive sunlight; you can massage the treated area for 5 minutes, five times a day for five days. Remember to always consult with your doctor.

How long does the effect of Sculptra Fillers last on the face?

The effect of Sculptra Fillers lasts approximately two to three years. Wonderful! Imagine regaining lost radiance in just a few minutes.

Of course, we always suggest that this type of product should be administered by a specialist in the area trained to reduce any risk and complications, which will guarantee you obtain the expected results. He/she will indicate treatment and time of sessions, which may vary from person to person.

How to buy Sculptra Fillers?

Buying Sculptra Fillers is very easy; you have to access our catalog, click on the buy button. And you will have made your purchase online, ready to be sent to you.

As we can see, Sculptra Fillers is a product that is revolutionizing the world's cosmetic because it is applied as an injection, not as creams, nor as collagen supplements, nor as a toxin that lasts much less its effects.

With the activation of collagen in a gradual way, you will see the notable changes you will obtain with the purchase of this product.

If you want to change your life, buy online and you will instantly get your shipment. Enjoy it!

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