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Top Dermal has a wide range of lipolytics products that will help any professional of the beauty industry to have the best quality brands in the shelf. We deliver our lipolytics in 2-3 days inside the European Union. Have a look at our catalog. 

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What are the lipolytics that Top Dermal offers?

Top Dermal has a selection of lipolytics. We offer only original authentic products from well-known brands such as: Koru (such as LipoLax, LipoLax VL), Caregen (such as Dermaheal LL, Prostrolane Inner B), Marllor Biomedical (Alidya).

What a lipolysis injection means?

Lipolysis is an aesthetic procedure that breaks down fats or lipids in the body to remove unwanted fat tissue deposits. It can be performed using injection, very cold temperature, laser, radiofrequency, microinjections, and ultrasound. It helps in achieving patients' desired body contour as it is effective in removing stubborn fat deposits in thighs, stomach, hips, and buttocks, among others.

Though lipolysis helps remove unwanted fat deposits in the body, it is not offered as an alternative to liposuction, especially as an obesity treatment. It is ideal for patients who want to remove a small amount of stubborn fat deposits in some areas of their bodies. To qualify for the procedure, one needs to be relatively fit and healthy and has unwanted bulges in isolated parts of the body such as the waist, hips, or the back. Typically, these bulges are commonly referred to as love handles, muffin tops, or bra bulges.

What are the results of injection lipolysis?

Most patients have at least two treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, which is the typical duration of swelling. Patients can have up to six treatments to the area under the chin. You can develop a plan that best suits your individual anatomy. Some swelling may occur post-treatment, so in the beginning treated areas may look bigger than before, but once the inflammation is gone and the fat is broken down, the patients will see a visible result (usually in 6-8 weeks post-treatment). 

What type of fat loss injections do we sell?

  • Dissolving and destroying fat cells (Lipo Lax)
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin and post-liposuction treatment to correct the appearance of the skin (Alidya)
  • Removal of local facial fat deposits and activation of dermal fibroblasts functions and enhancement of collagen (Lipo Lax VL)
  • Lipolysis of moderate to severe double chin, abdomen, buttocks, back of the thighs (Prostrolane Inner B )
  • Lipomas, Cellulite, Facial fat accumulation and Residues after surgical liposuction (Dermaheal LL)

Besides, apart from selling we also aspire to deliver value and share our expertise.

In Top Dermal, we carefully select the products for the distribution and research about all the latest trends and launches in the aesthetic medicine. Safety, effectiveness, price-quality ratio are the top priorities at the purchasing stage.

That is why we have also created TopDermal Academy where you can purchase an online or offline trainings on lipolytics or various aesthetic treatments. You can learn more about the products, injection techniques, anatomy and see a lipolytic treatment live.

To sum up, if you buy lipolytics online from Top Dermal you will get: only authentic products, competitive prices, fast delivery, personalized service, a huge variety of the most famous fillers and you can even expand your knowledge with our courses.

Please note that we only sell to the certified professionals and clinics.

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