Cannulas for dermal fillers

The cannulas have a blunt tip that allows the product to be dosed into the skin without causing capillary breaks (or otherwise greatly reducing the chances of this happening). Take a look at our catalogue of cannulas.

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Dermal filler Cannulas

The blunt tip dermal filler cannulas have been developed for use with both HA and HA-free dermal fillers. The length and flexibility allow aestheticians to cover a larger surface area with a single point of entry.

The blunt-tipped dermal filler cannulas glide through the subcutaneous layer, rather than cutting through tissue and vessels like traditional hypodermic needles. Filler injections with aesthetic blunt-tipped cannulas cause less damage and allow better maneuverability, so they are performed faster and with less pain.

When talking generally about needle injections and dermal filler cannulas, the following differences between the two can be seen. Needles are used for small superficial lines or boluses in deeper layers, with a medium risk of intravascular trauma. Cannulas are used for larger volumes of injected lines in the subdermal or deeper layers of the skin, with a low risk of intravascular trauma.

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