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In this section of our shop you will find the catalog we have available from the dermal filler brand Merz Aesthetics. We deliver every product of this manufacturer anywhere in Europe and in the world, in average in 2-3 days inside the EU. Check the catalog of Merz from Top Dermal or contact us for assistance.

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What is Merz Aesthetics?

Merz was founded in 1908 by Friedrich Merz. It is a global, family-owned aesthetics and natural skin care neurotoxins company backed by 110 years of trust and commitment. The history of Merz began in 1953, when they developed one of the first anti-wrinkle moisturizing creams. One of the company most famous product is xeomin, for the patient looking for help in wrinkles. The company's headquarter is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2010 with the acquisition of the US company BioForm Medical, Merz enters the field of medical aesthetics. Nowadays, Merz Aesthetics has a direct presence not only in north america but in 28 countries. Building on more than a century of healthcare and injectables experience, the company's main belief lies in the power of innovation founded on training, unique management and trusted, long-term relationships. Merz is committed to provide patients the best treatment experience possible while creating sustainable value for the customers. The producer offers a portfolio of trusted aesthetic products, renowned by patients and practitioners around the world.

The spirit of innovation at Merz can be traced directly back to the company founder, who always started with the question, “What is needed? Friedrich Merz built his career on developing products that people really needed,and he cared deeply about helping people to look and live better. More than 300 Merz employees worldwide focus on innovation and research and development activities, which take place in its global R&D headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany as well as in Raleigh, NC and Mesa, AZ. In each country investment in R&D remains a priority for Merz, with approximately 100 million euros per year dedicated to the development of additional products, new formulations and novel indications. Merz’s R&D and corporate development programs are very much coherent with its global focus on the aesthetic medicine.

Over the past five years, Merz has successfully completed numerous acquisitions in the medical aesthetics space, bringing in technologies and talent to create a comprehensive aesthetics portfolio of toxins, fillers, energy-based devices and skincare. The development work of its internal R&D teams has enabled Merz to bring to market advanced filler formulations, new classes of aesthetic devices and indications in all these categories, with much more to come.

What is Merz Aesthetics Mission?

To improve patient’ health, helping people live better, feel better and look better.

What is Merz Aesthetics Vision?

To become the most admired, trusted and innovative aesthetics and neurotoxin company.

What are the core values of Merz Pharma?

  • > Persist in Innovation. The company identifies and pursues the scientific developments and strategic investments.
  • > Commit to Customers and Colleagues. The company aims to build long-term relationships and contact with its customers, and regularly gains feedback on its products in order to improve the quality of their fillers and product.
  • > Deliver Trusted Results. The company's heritage of providing high-quality and science-backed products and services for 110 years makes it a trusted player in the aesthetic field. 

What are the products of Merz Aesthetics that Top Dermal offers?

At the moment Top Dermal offers two brands from Merz Aesthetics portfolio to the practitioners, namely:

  • > Belotero, which is a range of natural hyaluronic acid fillers available both with and without lidocaine.

  • > Radiesse fillers based on the news calcium-hydroxylapatite.

Let's take a look at all the products from each range that you can purchase from Top Dermal:


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