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In this section of our shop you will find a wide range of materials and disposables for the application of dermal fillers and others aesthetic treatments and products. 

Materials for dermal fillers application

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What are the materials that Top Dermal offers?

Top Dermal has a selection of materials, which include needles, cannulas, threads and skincare.

We offer only original authentic products from well-known brands such as: Soft Fill, JBP, Velancia, Meso-relle, WiQo, Mediderma, Hyalual and VM (Promoitalia).


What types of materials do we sell?

  • Cannula for fillers (Soft Fill, JBP)
  • Needles (Meso-relle)
  • COG PDO Thread (Velancia)
  • Skincare (WiQo, Mediderma, VM (Promoitalia))
  • Face masks (Hyalual)


What is cannula?

Cannulas have more or less similar concept as the needles: both have a hollow bore that allows a gel to pass through and be implanted into the tissue. Nevertheless, what makes them different is the lack of a sharp tip in cannulas. Instead they have a blunt end. So as you could understand it is very similar to a long needle, but the tip is blunt. To administer an injection of the cannula method, a practitioner still has to use a small needle to inject a local anaesthetic and once the skin is numb a needle is used to create an entry point.

The main advantage of the cannula method is that it slides along the natural planes of tissue, reducing possible post-treatment complications and  providing access to a large area for filler placement in the high-risk areas.

What is a needle?

Unlike with a cannula, the needle method requires multiple injection points, which in turn can result in the risk of hitting a vein. Hence, there’s a higher chance of bruising.

Sharp tip needles are also a reason of swelling, particularly when used for the lips augmentation. Classical approach is to do the lip fillers late Friday evening. This way the patients can spend the weekend at home to allow the swelling to reduce before they have to be back to their social life on Monday.

Apart from pain and bruising, there're other more serious risks that may occur, include infection at the injection site, and necrosis, which happens when a hyaluronic acid gel accidentally gets into a blood vessel and blocks it.

What is COG PDO Thread?

Velancia high-quality meso threads represent an innovative approach to face and body lift. The procedure itself is painless and efficient. Providing visible lifting effects without disrupting the mimics by the means of an invisible frame, which is created inside the skin tissues.

Mesothreads is a unique and effective treatment for correcting and reshaping facial and body contours. 4D Meso threads (thread lift and bioreinforcement) ensure a rejuvenating process that combines facelift and face rejuvenation with the effect of mesotherapy.

What skincare products do we sell?

Some examples are the following:

  • WiQo - The WiQo Nourishing and Moisturizing Cream for dry skin, provides dry skin with the nourishing principles and protective substances that it lacks, leaving a nourished and hydrated skin
  • The high quality and concentration of shea butter soothes, nourishes and protects the skin helping to increase its elasticity
  • Hidraloe - Light, rapidly absorbed gel.
  • The plant extract of mallow, chamomile, marigold, hamamelis, horsetail, lime flower, and birch provide anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic effects
  • VM Creams - varieties of creams for under eyes areas, face, intimate creams, Spherofill Cell cream and others.


To sum up, if you buy materials online from Top Dermal you will get:

  • Only authentic products
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery (2/3 days inside Europe)
  • Personalized service
  • Huge variety of the most famous fillers and you can even expand your knowledge with our courses.


Please note that we only sell to the certified professionals and clinics.

Contact our team for more information.

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