Aquashine BR 2 x 2 ml


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  • Format: 2 x 2 ml
  • Appliсable by injection by a certified professional

Used for:

  • Brightening of the age-related spots and couperose
  • General rejuvenation of the skin
  • Regulation of sebum secretion and pore narrowing
  • Dull complexion
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Aquashine BR 2 x 2 ml Anti-Pigmentation

The complex of peptides and HA included in the product provides not only a pronounced lifting of the skin and soft tissues, but also a noticeable depigmenting effect due to a decrease in the synthesis of melanin. The biorevitalizant brightens and evens out the skin tone, and auxiliary components (vitamins, amino acids, minerals and coenzymes) have an antioxidant effect, preventing photo-damage to the skin.

Aquashine BR contains:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (1.5%)
  • Minerals and coenzymes (calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, thiamine diphosphate, coenzyme A, flavin adenine dinucleotide, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)
  • Vitamins (A B6 E B1 B7 B8 B2 K I B3 B12 B9 B5 C)
  • Amino acids (alanine, aminobutric acid, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cystine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, histidine, hydroxyproline, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, ornithine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, taurine, threonine, threonine, threonine, threonine, threonine, threonine, threonine, threonine, threinine , valine)
  • Nucleic acids (adenosine phosphate, cytosine, guanosine, thymine, glutathione)
  • Peptides (Oligopeptide-34, Oligopeptide-51, Oligopeptide-23, Oligopeptide-72)


  • Dull, uneven complexion
  • Age-related pigmentation of various origins
  • Age-related skin changes
  • Couperose
  • Enlarged pores and occasional break-outs

Application method:

The product is used as a biorevitalizant.

Standard course

3 treatments every 4 weeks are recommended for optimal effect.
Then 2-3 procedures throughout the year to maintain the effect

Intensive course

6 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks and 5-6 procedures throughout the year for optimal maintenance of results.

About the manufacturer:

Unique Revofil Aquashine products for biorevitalization are developed by the South Korean pharmaceutical concern Caregen Co.LTD, located in Seoul. The company was founded in 2001 and is engaged in research and sale of cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biomimetic peptides and growth factors, as well as other related products.

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