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HYAcorp is a transparent and viscous gel made of hyaluronic acid cross-links, which is used to restore facial volume and contour

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What are HYAcorp fillers?

HYAcorp is an innovative dermal filler that contains a high level of purity of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and natural antioxidants, substances found naturally in the human body. Indicated for the restoration of the facial volume and contour it produces a smooth, natural correction result.

What are the benefits of HYAcorp?

HYAcorp is an innovative gel that creates long-lasting results, it replaces the lost hyaluronic acid in the skin. It is used for volume replacement, nasolabial folds and cheek area recommended for all skin types, reduce the visible signs of aging.

Who can use HYAcorp fillers?

These fillers can be used by women and men who wish to reduce the effects of ageing on their skin. The results HYAcorp fillers give, make them one of the best filler brands we have in stock.

If you have already consulted with your doctor, visit our catalogue to buy HYAcorp fillers of your choice.

How long does the effect of HYAcorp last?

The duration of the filling effect can vary and depends on the depth and the injection area. It is important to consider the age, type of skin and lifestyle of each individual, the formula used. But, the various HYAcorp products last approximately between 6 to 24 months.

How to buy HYAcorp fillers?

Visit the catalogue section on our website. Click on the HYAcorp filler you want to buy online. Make sure the product is the one you are looking for and the price is correct. Then, add to your basket and checkout your product.

Remember, we offer international shipping. If you are within the EU territory you will receive your product in 2 to 3 days. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding our fillers or visit the terms and conditions section to clarify any doubts.

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