The term “hair filler” has become quite broad in recent times, but most people would now associate it with the ability to strengthen hair and repair damage. The question is – why would it be necessary? In the modern day, we are constantly exposed to pollutants and other harmful compounds. UV exposure, dirt, toxins, and even sometimes the products we use to wash our hair contributes to damage. This damage can transfer to your follicles and scalp. A good hair filler may help to restore the damage that has been done and help you get healthier hair. Let’s take a look at how this works.

How Does A Hair Filler Work?

The Mechanism Of Action In a Hair Filler

When it comes to assessing the mechanism of action, it’s important to note that not every hair filler is made to work the same way. Thus, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind to help you better understand how a specific one works.

Hair fillers that are injected underneath the skin on your scalp usually target hair follicles. They can sometimes target the scalp itself as well. These hair fillers are made to help provide a restorative effect, repairing the damage that has been dealt with by a variety of things – such as consistent and long-term sun exposure, hair transplant surgery, and chemicals.

There are, however, a number of other options available too. Some hair fillers come in the form of a serum. You simply apply the serum to your hair strands – from root to tip – with your hands. These fillers will often provide a dual-action system:

  1. They help to provide immediate effects, making your hair appear fuller.
  2. They often also include ingredients that work in the long term, helping to restore and strengthen your hair strands.

Choosing the Right Hair Filler For Your Needs

Dr. CYJ Hair FillerIf you’re looking to use a hair filler, then you should first assess your own needs. Do you want to repair damage dealt to your follicles? Or do you rather want something you can apply daily with your hands? It is important to know what you expect and want from the hair filler, as this will serve as a guideline in helping you choose the right option.

When you look at the different options that are available, it is very important to consider how they work and the ingredients they contain. This can help you be more realistic about their efficacy and also give you an idea of their safety profile.

For example, Dr. CYJ Hair Filler uses a combination of nine synthetic peptides that are injected just underneath the scalp. These peptides, along with reticulated hyaluronic acid, then helps to provide a restoration effect from the inside of your scalp. The system is designed to build up and strengthen your follicles, while also repairing the existing damage.

How To Administer And Use a Hair Filler

Some hair fillers are easy to use, but others may require a visit to a dermatologist’s office. This is generally the case with injectable hair fillers. Due to the precision that is required when administering these hair fillers, it’s usually not a good idea to inject yourself at home.

A trained professional has the ability to choose the most appropriate injection sites. They will also go through a series of steps that helps to prevent infections and other complications from developing at the injection site.

At-home hair fillers are usually placed in your hands and then slowly worked into your hair and onto your scalp.


Hair fillers can work in many different ways, but they often focus on helping to restore damage and give you “fuller” looking strands. There are various hair fillers on the market, but those administered by qualified providers are often more potent and efficient. Do your research well when choosing a hair filler to use, and make sure the ingredients can provide effective results.

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