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Deep Skin Tightening Treatment with HIFU DOUBLO


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Indications for Use DOUBLO is indicated for use as a non-invasive dermatological treatment to :

– Lift the eyebrow – Lift lax submental(beneath the chin) and neck tissue – Improve lines and wrinkles of the decollete – Axillary Hyperhidrosis surgery

Intended User Medical Doctor

Specifications of DOUBLO

Electrical Specifications

Physical Specifications and Weight

a)Class and type of protection against electric shock • ClassⅠ, type B b)Rated voltage and power consumption • AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, 2-1A c) Technical Specifications • Energy type : High-Intensity focused ultrasound • Power : Max 2.0 J • Cartridge : 4.0 MHz, 7.0 MHz • Spacing : Max 10mm • Length : Max 25.0mm d)Display • LCD Screen (15 Inch Color) • High-Intensity focused ultrasound (7 Inch Color Touch) e) System Safety

DSP Watchdog :

All power will be turned off when DSP or Firmware malfunctions • f the excessive voltage rating is applied, protection circuit will be operated a) Main body (W×D×H) : 400 × 425 × 460 mm b) Handpiece (W×D×H) : 42 × 85 × 228 mm c) Weight : 17.0 kg(Main Body), 25.0 kg(Cart)

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DOUBLO is the Ultrasound Surgical system. It provides high frequency ultrasonic pulses with ultrasound ceramic of concave and then causes the thermal energy by focusing ultrasound generated from that result. And by using this operation, it is used in the thermal coagulation of tissue

HIFU treatment theory

HIFU (High intensity intensive ultrasound) energy is focused at the SMAS layer 3 to 4.5 mm below the skin surface to produce a thermal coagulation zone smaller than 1 mm. At this zone, a high thermal reaction occurs at a temperature of 60 ° C or higher, which causes the SMAS layer contraction and collagen remodeling to skin tightening and lifting

High Quality Image Screen and Control System

Quality treatment with a high resolution imaging system
Diverse applications and analysis with a high performance software
Precise and real-time image during treatment
128 CH , High resolution Image probe
Various optional functions (Keeping patient’s information, MP3 file and Video available)

Optimized cartridges for specific area

It is possible to selectively use the cartridge according to the depth
of the target layer to be treated.

Application area (Face):

  • forehead and eyebrows
  • eye sides
  • cheeks
  • chin and mandible lines
  • neck
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