Fillmed M-HA18 1 x 1 ml


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  • Format: 1 x 1 ml
  • Applicable by injection by a certified professional

Used for:

  • Skin rehydration
  • Correction of fine lines (crow’s feet. smile lines and smoke lines)
  • Redensification of skin tissues
  • Improvement of skin brightness and radiance

Fillmed M-HA18 1 x 1 ml Fine Lines

Fillmed M-HA 18 is a dermal filler indicated for the treatment of fine lines and superficial wrinkles, and for cutaneous redensification. Its high hydration capacity also allows for an intensive treatment of dehydrated skin and improves skin radiance.

Fillmed M-HA 18 is a medical product designed to offset age-related loss of hyaluronic acid, improve skin tone and elasticity and fill fine lines. It is also indicated for hydration of skin with a lack of tonus. Hyaluronic acid used by Fillmed is produced using biotechnology and is purified in several stages to ensure optimum quality.


  • Non Cross-linked Free Hyaluronic Acid (18 mg/ml)
  • Glycerol (20 mg/ml)


  • Recreates moisture reservoir
  • Corrects fine lines (crow’s feet. smile lines and smoke lines)
  • Redensifies skin tissues
  • Improve skin brightness and radiance

Areas of Injection:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Back of hands

Method of use:

Fillmed M-HA 18 should be injected into the superficial dermal tissue. It is recommended to administer 3 sessions spaced out by 1 month. After 6 months can be followed up with a maintenance treatment. This way you will get natural-looking results. In addition to that, Fillmed M-HA 18 has an optimal viscosity allowing to avoid over-corrections.

The product can be used alone or in combination with other dermal fillers or NCTF mesotherapy solutions by Fillmed.


1 syringe of 1 ml + 2 30G 1/2″ needles


Fillmed Laboratories

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Fillmed by Filorga

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