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Top Dermal offers different dermal fillers courses both at practical and theoretical level. Some of them are held online, and for the classroom type' ones we organise in different European cities. Different dates are available, check the programme of the course you are interested in and request more information if you need it.

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Are you interested in dermal filler courses?

Whether you are a beginner in the aesthetics fillers field or a professional in the dermal filler areas, having access to updated knowledge and comprehensive information and education are crucial for any practitioner.

Experience and skills are important as a foundation but combined with a high level and intensive course, that can increase your value as a physician. Depending on the course it will be held on & offline, plus some of them may have demonstrations of procedures on real live models.

Expand your learning and network

Along with all the best and most advanced cosmetic learning, attending one of our aesthetic and dermal filler courses is a great way to build your network with other industry professionals and physicians attending a masterclass. Book your course now.

Top Dermal Academy: your best learning board

In Top Dermal along with an extensive porfolio of dermal fillers we also aspire to deliver highly value training and share our expertise and the one from our delegates and certificate physicians that will be in charge of the programme and the course. If you are looking for the most advanced cosmetic training available look no more. 

Cosmetic & aesthetics courses

Although we carefully selected the products for the distribution in our shop we combined this selection with advanced research about all the latest trends, including the most advanced and safe procedures and the latest patient and professionals objectives. Our launches in the aesthetic medicine come along with comprehensive training from the hands of certificate physicians.

Different areas and procedures

We created Top Dermal Academy with the goal of offering a place where you can purchase online or offline trainings on dermal fillers or various aesthetic treatments like:

  • Anti aging approved products 
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Lip augmentation without botulinum toxin (Botox)
  • Facial anatomy
  • Advanced skin injections
  • Skin lift and lines correction
  • Best aesthetics procedures for avoiding complications
  • Anti aging products and techniques for the hands 


As well we offer not only practical high level training but also simple courses during less than a day on different dates and localizations in Barcelona. 

You will learn more about the products, injection techniques, anatomy and see a dermal filler treatment live on selected patients and models.

Who are our courses oriented to?

The attendees of our courses are various:

  • Dentists and/or professionals specialised facial and face cosmetic area
  • Nurses and assistants that support other physicians
  • Approved and solid established physicians that want to improve or acquire more knowledge
  • Dermal fillers brands' delegates 

What is exactly Top Dermal Academy?

Top Dermal Academy was created in 2015, when Top Dermal began its operations solely as a distributor in the aesthetic medicine field.

During all these years our range of approved cosmetic facial and body dermal fillers has grown to more than 150 products, which makes our online store a one-stop store for the professionals, where they can purchase everything needed at once.

However, we also received a lot of questions from our clients looking for info about the protocols, techniques, best procedures, alternatives to botox and botulinum toxin derivates, how to answer patient questions about new products etc. Of course, we could simply keep sending out the instructions by email or answering doubts on the phone and that’d be it, but we realized that the time for Top Dermal Academy and a more permanent extended training, support, and understanding had come.

In Top Dermal we carefully select the products for the distribution in our and research about all the latest trends and launches in the aesthetic medicine. Safety, effectiveness, price-quality ratio are the top priorities at the purchasing stage. With help of DPI Academy, we aim to share our expertise, and not just talk about a product, but also show how it works.
For every workshop we invite true professionals of the industry; provide simultaneous translation from Spanish into English (and vice-versa), and discuss latest news over a cup of coffee. Combining business with pleasure – is a perfect description of Top Dermal Academy.

What courses do we offer?

We select topics based on the demand of our clients. Some of the training sessions we have already carried out were:

  • Lip filler training
  • Facial and body peeling training
  • Filler injection techniques on a live model
  • Marketing and managing course for settled phycisians
  • Personalised and courses on demand


Create your own course

Along with our permanent courses that are available simply under registration, Top Dermal can also program and organize any training on demand, meaning that you can choose any topic and masterclass and we arrange a training session for your clinic team or for you individually under request in our office in Sofia.

These trainings will be heald by professionals with official certification, using models and patients and can also be carried out online if you are based in other countries. For more details please contact our team.

How much do our courses cost?

Whenever we host a course, we try to adjust the price througha reasonably pricing policy and for that we consider many aspects such as the topic and the trainer's experience and certification.

While some trainings are suitable for the beginners and professionals that start in the field, others are only suitable for the skilled professionals used to work along with the most difficult situations, which makes such courses more expensive.

However, during such events, we always provide discounts and special prices on our products, so our attendees get maximum benefits from the course itself.

Also, at the end you will get a certificate signed by the approved trainer proving that you attended and put on practice different skills and used the techniques to be taught.

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