In this post we are going to explain some of the changes you are going to see in our catalogue for this coming month of March. Some of the products have been discontinued, or have been renamed by the manufacturer. Others will simply no longer be available in the Top Dermal.

Changes in the Caregen catalogue

The Caregen catalogue brings some changes in products that either change their name or change their format. Let’s look at them one by one.

Aquashine BTX

Aquashine BTX is now called Aquashine PTX. There is no particular reason for this change, the only difference is that the PTX version will be the one sold in the European market and the BTX will be the one for other markets, for example the Russian market. However, the product is exactly the same, with the only difference being the format in which it is supplied, which has changed from 1 x 2 ml to 2 x 2 ml. This change in format also increases the price slightly.

Revofil Ultra and Revofil Plus

In the case of Revofil the only change here is the format of the product. It also switches to the 2 x 1 ml format instead of the former 1 x 1 ml.

Prostrolane Inner-B and Natural-B

The same format change was applied to the Prostrolane range. At the moment we offer Prostrolane Inner-B and Prostrolane Natural-B in the new formats of 2 x 2 ml (instead of former 1 x 2 ml). This change in format also increases the price slightly.

However, in the future this change will be applied to the remaining products from the range.

Buy Juvederm products online in EuropeChanges in the Allergan catalogue

The Allergan catalogue comes with a loss.

Juvéderm Hydrate

Juvéderm Hydrate will no longer be available in our catalogue because Allergan has decided to stop production.However, there is an alternative to Juvéderm Hydrate which is slightly more advanced in its formulation and also from the Juvéderm line: Juvéderm Volite.

Buy Fillmed by Filorga online in EuropeChanges in the Fillmed catalogue

There are also some changes in our product catalogue concerning the products of the French company Fillmed.

Fillmed X-HA Volume

Fillmed X-HA Volume will no longer be available in our catalogue because Top Dermal can no longer offer it. However, there is a direct alternative to Fillmed X-HA Volume within the same Fillmed product line: Fillmed Art Filler Volume.

Fillmed X-HA3

As with the previous product, this product will not be available in our catalogue from March for operational reasons. However, there is also a direct alternative to this product: Filorga Art Filler Universal.

At Top Dermal we work every day to offer you the best line of technical cosmetic products on the market, which is why from time to time we make changes to our product offer and catalogue. Remember that if you have any questions you can contact us through the traditional channels.