“Imperfection is beauty”, but then, why do most of us desire perfect noses? Nose being a prominent highlight on the face, a slightest change in its shape and size suddenly enhances the rest of the facial features. Most patients hope to correct the shape of their nasal bridge or nostrils by referencing photographs of flawless celebrity noses. However, there are limitations to this, as it is fundamental to achieve balance between the shape and size of the nose with that of the lips and chin. Owing to the fear of surgery and associated complications, liquid rhinoplasty has gained popularity in recent years. Liquid rhinoplasty or liquid nose job is a provisional alternative to traditional surgical methods to camouflage irregularities and deformities of the nose.  Over the last decade, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers have remained the mainstay in defining the nose due to its pliability and reversibility.  

The correction of the nasal dorsum is the most common indication of liquid rhinoplasty. The other common areas treated in Liquid Rhinoplasty are: 1

  • Nasal Tip
  • Supratip and infratip lobule
  • Alar creases
  • Alar rim
  • Radix 

HA Fillers help not only fixing deficiencies or irregularities of the nose, but also help in defining the profile by correcting the following: 2

  • The dorsal hump
  • The alar angle
  • The nasofrontal angle
  • Tip projection
  • Volume correction
  • Nostril shape
  • Nasolabial angle

Let’s take a look at our TOP 3 fillers that you can use for liquid rhinoplasty that you can find at Top Dermal online shop.

Liquid Rhinoplasty using HA Fillers


Stylage MStylage M is a monophasic, crossed linked HA filler infused with anti-oxidants, offering a patented IPN (InterPenetrated Networks) technology. The IPN technology uses a unique combination of two mono-phasic cross-linked network of HA which determines the viscoelasticity of the product. Physiologically, injecting a needle into the skin provokes an inflammatory response that stimulates the release of free-radicals. The anti-oxidants in this filler neutralise the free radicals, and hence, shields the HA content from rapid degradation.3 

What to expect: 

Stylage M is available with and without lidocaine used for injection in the dermis to treat medium depth folds and wrinkles. The shape of the filler syringe and plunger is well designed to provide good grip, precision and comfort during injection.  Stylage M is commonly injected in mid to deep dermis to lift the nasal tip and correct the dorsal hump of the nose. The filler is injected in small boluses and gentle moulding must be done thereafter. The results of the filler are temporary and usually last for 6-12 months


  • Smooth product
  • Available with and without lidocaine
  • Less force required to inject
  • Ease of administration


revolax-subqRevolax is an advanced cross-linked, non-animal filler, composed of a configuration of regular and dense monophasic lattice of HA. The HA in this filler is derived from streptococcus zooepidemicus and is BDDE free after being subjected to vigorous dialysis process. This structure helps in making this filler very durable and resilient, at the same time, maintaining its viscoelasticity. Revolax Sub-Q is the thickest filler within the Revolax series, containing lidocaine, best suited to treat deep wrinkles and volume restorations.4 

What to expect: 

Revolax Sub-Q is specially designed for deep subcutaneous injections due to its highly consistent and thick configuration. The product is highly malleable and can be used to contour and reshape the nose as desired. The lattice structure of the product aids in smooth injection and helps achieve a natural consistent volume.  Small boluses must be injected and every point on the nose must be aspirated as a part of safe injection techniques. The results of the filler generally last up to 8-12 months. 


  • Long-lasting volume
  • Natural finish
  • Low migration
  • BDDE free


Fillmed X-HA VolumeFillmed X-HA Volume is a high molecular weight, versatile, cross-linked filler containing Hyaluronic acid. The HA is produced via bio-fermentation process with particular attention to its homogeneity and stability. Beauty HA is a compact range of two HA fillers without lidocaine, of which Fillmed X-HA Volume is used to correct volume deficits and restore facial contours. 

What to expect: 

The Fillmed X-HA Volume is injected in deep dermis to correct deep wrinkles, cheek volume, jaw definition and nose reshaping. The filler gives a smooth, natural looking results which lasts for 6-12 months. 


  • Smooth to inject
  • Malleable
  • Good stability
  • Natural-looking results

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