Although both treatments are often confused with each other, it is important to know the substantial differences between them.

Mesotherapy is a medical technique that consists of administering different substances through superficial intradermal injections, whereas microneedling is a technique that consists of moving or displacing over the skin multiple microscopic needles simultaneously, provoking the production of collagen and elastin.

what is the difference between mesotherapy and microneedling

What is mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive process, in which injections are made into the epidermis to deliver beneficial active ingredients of a high grade in order to maximize their absorption. Basically, it consists of using these active ingredients to hydrate, rejuvenate and tighten the skin. This treatment can be used on different areas of the body and the amount of substances will depend on the condition to be treated and the degree of the condition. One of the main advantages of this treatment is that it is virtually painless and will allow you to live a normal life after the session

Benefits of mesotherapy and microneedlingBenefits of mesotherapy

The benefits of mesotherapy are:

  • Improves the feel of the skin, firming it;
  • Combats cellulite;
  • Reduces and prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth;
  • Combats sagging skin;
  • Disguises stretch marks;
  • Helps to treat acne.




What is microneedling

This technique is used to treat scars and more severe skin ageing. In this case, the product is not applied directly by means of injections, but is applied by hand or using a roll with hundreds of small needles and filtered through the multiple tiny channels that have been created by these needles. All these tiny punctures heal quickly and in a controlled manner in the skin and are used to allow the product to penetrate deep into the skin. This technique stimulates collagen production and forces the skin to repair itself, eliminating scars, pigmentation, pore size and fine lines. 

Benefits of microneedling

The pros of microneedling are:

  • Stimulates the creation of elastin and collagen;
  • Produces a rejuvenating and firming effect on the skin;
  • Reduces stretch marks and scars;
  • Reduces pore size;
  • Smoothes fine lines;
  • Stimulates hair growth and prevents premature hair loss.

Which treatment to choose

The most important thing to bear in mind is that both treatments must be carried out by a medical specialist. Otherwise, not only will we not achieve optimal results, but we may also cause irreparable damage to our skin. You can check our previous article to see how to find a real aesthetic professional.

To find out which treatment you should choose, we advise you to see your doctor so that he or she can examine you and determine which technique is most suitable for your condition. Please note that even a mix of both procedures can be recommended to achieve even better results.

What is the difference between mesotherapy and microneedling