Benefits of cold temperatures for the skinThe availability of hot water for washing and showering is a relatively recent invention. Until just a few decades ago people bathed naturally, in cold water. There are many studies that directly link excessive thermal comfort with a greater predisposition to obesity and various modern diseases, and exposing our body to cold means an exponential increase in calorie consumption (since it increases the body’s metabolism), as well as other very perceptible changes such as mood and a better response from the immune system. 

All of these benefits are also noticeable on the skin, and in this article we will discuss the benefits of cold and low temperatures for people’s skin.

Benefits of cold for the skin

In the presence of low temperatures our body reduces the blood supply that it transports to the extremities, concentrating it in the area of the torso, with the intention of protecting and ensuring an optimum temperature for our vital organs.

Improvement of the circulatory response

The body’s response by exposing the skin to cold improves the work of dilatation and contraction of the blood vessels, helping the skin and muscles learn to respond better to external stimuli.

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Improved appearance of the skin on the face

The effects of cold on the skin are evident on the face, where exposure to cold has the following proven effects.

To remove or hide under-eye circles

One of the most commonly used home remedies for removing dark circles under the eyes is the application of cold to the area using a wet compress or towel. The circulation restriction caused by the cold helps to eliminate dark circles under the eyes in a few minutes, although the effects will last only a short time. 

Benefits of cold temperatures for the skin

To improve acne symptoms

Some people advocate for using cold or ice-based treatments for acne, to reduce inflammation and minimise sebum production through the skin pores. In this case it is advisable to use sterile wipes, or to sterilise them from one application to another.

How to apply a cold massage

There are two ways of applying cold through a massage, both using ice cubes that are available at home. 

The first method is to perform a cold massage using ice cubes rolled up in a cloth or cotton towel. The cloth can be used for massaging in circular movements.

The second way would be to move the ice cubes directly over the skin, exerting light pressure on the area to be massaged. The ice cube will slide more easily over the skin than a wet towel.

Benefits of cold weather for the skinDo cold treatments really work for our skin?

Although exposure to cold helps our body to be more flexible metabolically (directly impacting our mood, immune system and sleep) there is little evidence that simple cold treatment can solve a severe dermatological problem or condition beyond offering temporary symptomatic relief. For this reason, Top Dermal recommends that you consult with your trusted cosmetology specialist if you are thinking about lasting results. 

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