As we have seen in other articles, fat plays an important role from an evolutionary point of view, specially in the case of women. However for both in women and men, too much fat is counterproductive, and we can minimise the accumulation of fat following a few rules and fighting with the stubborn one with some advanced techniques. 

Why we do accumulate fat

For millions of years, calories were scarce, and your brain interpreted fat loss as a threat for survival. That’s why your body has a multitude of hidden and unknown strategies that you do not notice they are happening but are avoiding you to lose weight. Accumulating fat is just a mechanism of survival that our body uses to keep us alive for longer. 

Losing weight: the wrong approach

We should forever avoid saying “losing weight”. The correct approach is losing fat, not weight. The body weight of an individual is the sum of all the muscles, bones and water retained. The body fat is…well, the body fat. If two different people lose 5 kgs, but in one of them half of this mass is muscle, the aesthetic and visual result will be much worse: he/she will be skinnier, weaker and less attractive. That is why when we talk about diet and weight loss we should talk about fat loss and not kgs but percentage (%) of body fat we want to lose. 

losing weight the wrong approach

The basics on fat loss

There is a main thing that tells how much fat we are accumulating: how much energy we are consuming compared to how much energy we are using every day. If you eat less and move more you will be burning fat for keeping on moving, but this is more complex in reality. The three basic pillars when we want to start a fat loss program are: 

  1. Calorie deficit. The main and more important one: eat less
  2. Eat more protein 
  3. Focus on strength exercises

Calorie deficit is the base, but you must improve the nutrition adding fiber in sense of vegetables and high quality protein. In fact fruits and vegetables play a really important role when it comes fat loss, as we can see in the following article from NCBI.

fat loss form 0 to 100

The importance of protein

Protein is the macronutrient that needs more energy to be digested, so it means that if you increase protein intake the digestions will need more energy to be performed. That is why protein keeps you full for longer. Fiber coming from fresh fruit and vegetables will improve the results. 

Do strength exercises

If you are in a calorie deficit but the body needs the muscles (because you are using them through exercise) you are more predisposed to lose fat but keep the muscle, so that will mean a more attractive body and body shape. 

fat loss with lipolytics lipo laxThe approach into stubborn fat

Stubborn fat is really difficult to fight with. If you want to keep on burning fat when you are around a 15-12% fat (in men) or around 20-22% fat (in women) you will have to start focusing on more small things. 

Technology to deal with fat

Lypolitics are a powerful method to deal with accumulated fat that resists to disappear even when you are doing things right. Top Dermal just sells to certified doctors and clinics, so if you are one of them and you are interested in lypolitics just let have a look at our catalog.


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