what is cellulite and how to deal with itMany women struggle with cellulite and at Top Dermal we wish we could say we know the secret to definitely destroying that uncomfortable cellulite, but we prefer to tell you the truth: a little cellulite is sometimes inevitable in many cases, even when you are doing things right (exercise, good nutrition and not lack of sleep). But what is exactly cellulite? Why is it more prevalent in women rather than in men? Everything related to human physiology has its explanation in our past, in our evolution. The different relationship that men and women have with fat has much to do with the functions that nature has assigned to us.

Cellulite: the relationship between fat and gender

From an evolutionary point of view, women are the ones who take all the energy cost associated with creating (and raising) a new life. The process of forming a human being for 9 months and then producing the required milk for nursing during the next 12-24 months requires massive amounts of energy. Nature knows that, so that is why women evolved to be better in energy accumulation (fat accumulation).

what is cellulite and how to deal with itFat distribution in women vs men

  • In men, fat tends to accumulate in the upper body as visceral fat. This fat cannot be seen and is slightly dangerous, because it can interfere with the proper functioning of the organs. 
  • In women, fat tends to accumulate in the thighs and buttocks. This fat is subcutaneous (located between the skin and the muscles), and therefore is not dangerous… but it causes the famous cellulite. 

Fat differences in women vs men

Apart from the area of accumulation as well the kind of fat that women accumulate is different to the fat that men accumulate. The fat that men accumulate is just a reaction of the body when it feels it has to do something with an excess of energy in terms of food consumption. Women however accumulate fat in the thighs and buttocks which is rich in an omega-3 acid called Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is basic for cerebral formation of the baby during the latest weeks of pregnancy and the first weeks of breastfeeding. In that case this fat plays an important role from an evolutionary point of view. (More info here about docosahexaenoic acid).

What promotes cellulite to appear and how to fight it?

Apart from the area of accumulation, there are also differences in the connective tissue (the structure of the fibers) in men vs women. So cellulite can aggravate because of the following reasons:

  • Quantity of fat in the body: more fat in general leads to more fat in the thighs area (that’s why good nutrition can create a good base)
  • Elasticity of the connective tissue: collagen fibers are the connection of the skin to the muscle, so more collagen leads to a more elastic connective tissue and less cellulite dimples
  • Muscular tone: a bigger muscular structure helps to keep tense the skin that lays over it.
  • Thickness of the dermis and epidermis: the thicker the skin the less chances of cellulite to appear

Want to get of stubborn cellulite? Have you tried mesotherapy?

what is cellulite and how to deal with it?