The microneedling or needle roller technique, based on micro-needles that penetrate the most superficial layer of the skin is profiled among the most effective dermatological solutions to make active ingredients penetrate the skin and all through a minimally invasive procedure. 

What is microneedling and what is it used for?The origin of the microneedling technique

Microneedling has its first origins in Asia, used the similar way acupuncture improves the self-healing process in the body. In europe the first records of microneedling come from Germany, where a dermatologist named Ernst Kromayer used microneedles for treating birthmarks and scars. 

How is the microneedling technique applied

The microneedles are placed on a roller that when rolling on the skin penetrates it with substances into the superficial layers, opening microchannels into it. The mechanism of action of the microneedles is the mechanical alteration of the skin, named controlled medical damage, but without damaging the healthy epidermis. 

Why microneedling is beneficial for the skin

The small damages of the needles initiate a response of the fibroblast and the tissue of the dermis, provoking a better production of collagen for repairing the damages. More collagen means more retraction of the skin, so in the end this improves  flaccidity. In the case of scars, the micro-needles perforate them multiple times, so they are refilled with collagen too, having as a result a softening and blurring of them.

what is microneedling used for?What is microneedling used for

Microneedling is used to fight skin aging, to conceal scars caused by acne or burnts, wrinkles, stretch marks and birthmarks. As well this technique favours the penetration of the cosmetic actives applied. The most common ones are Vitamin C based products, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid based products. The microneedles allow molecules that are too small for other methods (i.e. creams) to penetrate the skin. Microneedling has been tried as well for improving the appearance of vitiligo condition. 

What are the benefits of microneedling compared to other methods

The micro-needles perforate the skin like the fractionated laser, but do not cause infection, necrosis or open wounds, as the perforated skin closes immediately afterwards; therefore, there are no risks, side effects or recovery time for the patient: just a mild erythema for one or two days. Compared to the fractionated laser, needles can make a substance such as hyaluronic acid and large molecules actively penetrate to the dermis, something unusual with virtually no other method (except with fillers), the laser only opens the skin barrier and allows passive penetration, and therefore only the passage of small molecules and liquids. The microneedling can be performed along with radio frequency in order that it reaches the innermost layers and thus get the benefits of a laser but not its damage or recovery time.

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