Last year Croma Pharma has finished with its plan to harmonize the different brands of its aesthetic product portfolio. Since the company announced in January, the previous range of Princess fillers has been rebranded to Saypha, following a gradual process of harmonization in international markets all over the world, but focusing mainly on European countries.

princess is now saypha

The reasons for the change of denomination

Primarily, Princess was not a suitable or approved brand for all the current markets, and wasn’t either for the future markets that Croma is targeting. In addition, rebranding everything as Saypha helps the customers identify the whole range of products of Croma as an integral unitary brand. The brand Saypha, presented in 2017, was designed to be optimized and marketed with a unifying look worldwide. 

The change became necessary mainly due to the continuous process of globalization and specialization of Croma, designing a more medical brand of hyaluronic acids fillers aimed exclusively at medical professionals. 

About Croma Pharma

Croma-Pharma GmbH, founded in 1976, is an Austrian family business that specializes in the production of hyaluronic acid syringes for the fields of aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology and orthopedics. In addition to aesthetic medicine, hyaluronic acid is used for the rehabilitation of injuries and for the improvement of certain joint problems such as osteoarthritis. Croma-Pharma currently manages 12 international sales companies and distributes its products in more than 70 countries. 

croma pharma rebranding

Saypha product line

In Top Dermal we offer a wide range of Saypha products, oriented exclusively to professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. Saypha fillers are a very versatile line of products that can be injected alone or combining it with other Croma products. Saypha is known for being softer than other solutions that promise the same results, so it is highly recommended when the professional needs to distribute the filler smoothly and with small transitions. The properties of Saypha makes it a perfect range of products for very fine wrinkles, almost invisible folds and diminute imperfections and scars. As well Saypha fillers can be used to volumize the lips and make a natural contour on them.The fillers from Croma Pharma included in the Saypha line are the following.

Saypha Volume

Saypha Volume is a volumizing dermal filler made on a base of hyaluronic acid that increases and restores the volume of the skin at the same time that shapes the contours. Also available with lidocaine.

Saypha Filler

Saypha Filler is designed specifically for being applied on the face, specially for perioral wrinkles and lip contour. As well it can also be used to increase lip volume. Also available with lidocaine.

Saypha Rich

Saypha Rich is designed specifically for the mesotherapy market. Its composition is based on hyaluronic acid and glycerol.

Saypha Princess Fillers