Nowadays, there are many techniques in beauty centres that allow us to improve our physical appearance. Among them, one of the most popular in recent years is mesotherapy, which consists of injections that improve the appearance of the face, in the case of facial mesotherapy, or fighting localized fat and cellulite (we’ve discussed that more in details on our previous post), when it comes to body mesotherapy, among other benefits.

Fighting cellulite fat with mesotherapy

fighting cellulite fat with mesotherapy Sometimes it is not enough to go on a diet to eliminate that stubborn fat. In fact, even high performance athletes that have very low fat percentage still have some cellulite from fat accumulated on buttocks and legs.

If you are following a healthy diet plus you are an active person that does exercise but you are still fighting the cellulite, mesotherapy might be the solution for it. And mesotherapy is not only used to lose weight or eliminate cellulite, but also help us fight stretch marks and small imperfections in our skin.



Mesotherapy vs. Liposuction for cellulite

mesotherapy vs liposuctionMesotherapy treats cellulite directly helping the body to fight it on its own, while liposuction is a body shaping technique that simply eliminates the fat directly but does not eliminate cellulite.

Mesotherapy helps to eliminate localized fat and cellulite very effectively and without the need to go through the operating room.




What is mesotherapy based on

The mesotherapy consists of injecting through the skin small quantities of medicines and substances that serve to improve the peripheral circulation and the elasticity of the skin. A mesotherapy injection contains two types of substances:

  1. Hyaluronic acid in smaller dosis to deliver hydration and elasticity to the skin as well as encourage natural collagen production
  2. Components and proteins that we have in the skin but that are lost when the cellulitis/fat appears
  3. Allopathic ingredients or natural substances extracted from plants with highly demonstrated effects for the treatment of the cellulite

The combination of the latter two components has effect in the rebellious zones where the fat is accumulated.

We could say that mesotherapy intervenes in the factors responsible for the appearance of first signs of ageing, cellulite and fat accumulations to improve circulation and make the skin surface smoother and rejuvenated.

However, cellulite isn’t the only indication for a meso treatment. Mesotherapy can be done for many other purposes. Such as:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • First signs of ageing
  • Loose skin
  • Hyperpigmentation and post-acne
  • Hair loss
  • As an adjuvant to the dermal filler treatment

what is mesotherapy and how to use it

How a mesotherapy treatment is done

After a health professional has analysed the specific case and recommends mesotherapy as a solution, he/she will schedule a set of sessions that, depending on the treatment, can range from 3 to 15 interventions. During the week prior to the first session, usually is recommended that the patient does not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication.

During a mesotherapy session

During the session the professional can use an anaesthetic cream on the area to be treated if he/she considers it appropriate (similar to dermal fillers proceeding). The specialist will proceed to apply small injections at a depth of between 1 and 4 mm. Depending on the aesthetic medicine centre and the area of the body to be treated it is possible to use a mechanical gun to make the treatment faster.

Number of sessions and results

The number of sessions recommended per course varies depending on the products used. Please, read instructions prior to the treatment. Once the session is over the patient normally has to wait at least 7 to 10 days for the next mesotherapy treatment. However, when arriving at the end of the treatment there may be a gap of between two weeks and a month between sessions.

Depending on the purpose of the treatment and the opinion of the professional, mesotherapy can be combined with other treatments, such as radiotherapy, if the aim is to eliminate wrinkles and improve the general tone of the skin and area. It can also be done solely as a course of meso injections. It all depends on the patient’s skin condition and desired result.