According to the latest market studies carried out during the end of 2019, data shows that worldwide aesthetic treatments without surgery increased by 5% with respect to the previous year. To this growing interest in improvements in physical appearance, great advances have been made in the field, offering alternatives in the form of new components and techniques to achieve the desired results quickly, economically and without going through an operation room. The aesthetic treatments that are said to be the most demanded in 2020 are the following.

The three most used treatments nowadays

The hyaluronic acid and tensioning threads seem to struggle to keep the podium next to the Botox. Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid represent approximately 80% of the treatments performed and it seems that will be the same for this year. However, there are other treatments and products that are pushing hard to keep up and gain market share inside the beauty scene. Let’s check some of them.

Nasal reshaping without invasive surgery

nasal reshaping

Until relatively recently it was impossible to significantly change the appearance of the nose without going to the surgeon and entering an operating room. A rhinoplasty usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, although in complex cases it can take longer. It requires anesthesia, both general or local anesthesia. During surgery, the skin of the nose is separated from its support, which is made up of bone and cartilage. This bone and cartilage are sculpted to the desired shape by the patient or doctor and finally the skin is redistributed over this new support.

Correct your nose without surgery

However, right now with a correctly applied filler you can conceal a ridge, improve the angles and raise the tip of your nose in few minutes.

It can be made with hyaluronic acid Juvederm Ultra 3 (with an effective duration of up to eight months) or with calcium hydroxyapatite Radiesse (that can last up to two years).

Body toning through collagen

body toning through dermal fillersLiposuction is a surgical technique used in cosmetic surgery that allows a remodeling of the silhouette through the removal of fat or fat tissue from various sites of the body using a cannula or syringe connected to a suction machine. However, this procedure implies entering the operating room and undergoing an intervention with anesthesia and is not exempt from certain risks.

Get rid of fat without surgery

As opposed to the traditional extraction of fat by means of liposuction, there are techniques and treatments that stimulate its elimination from inside without pain or discomfort for the patient.

These toning effects are achieved with collagen inducers like Mesoheal Body, which are normally combined with advanced ultrasound techniques.

Buttocks up with polylactic acid

buttock toning through dermal fillersThe buttocks are the target of attention for both men and women. That is why many people decide to improve the look and shape of their buttocks to make them more symmetrical or contoured.

Right now it is possible to do this using Sculptra polylactic acid, which produces collagen approximately 30 days after injection. This production of collagen manages to reduce orange peel skin and dimpling as a result of cellulite.

Polylactic acid also improves the appearance of stretch marks, concealing their appearance, and replenishes the natural volumes of the buttocks.